Username Post: What do YOU pack to a crop
Cris Mulezini
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Cris Mulezini

    In response to Dasha

I always have my tote with basic tools ready-to-go. For the kits: choose my pictures and then papers depending on style (my mood lol) and picture colors. So I go to ribbons and embellies with all colors in mind - or else I'd take everything along... I love buttons, ribbons, rub-ons and chips and that's why I pick them in the end. So my tip is 1. pictures, 2. colors, 3. pps, 4. embellishments.
Oh, and try to know earlier what tools will be available, so you can organize your own. Try not to take big or too heavy tools.
Let us know how was your crop!
Have a nive weekend.

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