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Hey everyone!!!!! I'm checking in real quick. I'm so excited to see everyone here! YipEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

THis weekend is supposed to be a real busy one, but the main plans got cancelled. THe event I was supposed to be at got flooded out. So now we are having other plans. Last night those included cocktails, exploding diet coke and the time warp.

Oo the time warp-love it!! Add in cocktails and a diet coke in any form and it sounds like you had a fabulous night Traci!!

It was fun! We taught the 2yo how to do the time warp ( that was before the alcohol), Made our own diet coke fountain with Mentos, and then had way to much rum and schnapps. But it was fun Yesterday was supposed to be a sewing day, but my friends turned it into a fis tracis house day. THe installed my new dishwasher, Cleaned up my backyard and started pulling weeds. THen we BBq'd braughts, Made another Diet coke fountain, and sat around the fire. It was a good day.

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