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Hi! I checked Prima's flowers in the store but there are just so many, it's almost impossible for me to make a recommendation for your printer's tray. It all depends on what size you're looking for & whether you'd rather have a really soft look or with crystals or the smaller paper ones that you can spray with GM, kwim? An exceptionally beautiful style are the Love Letter Roses. The Peridot color ones have the barest touch of yellow & mine look more like a rich cream.
My only other suggestion would be to use the filters to help you narrow down your choices. Under Prima select 'floral', then a color type. Teal would be under blue & coral under orange, etc. The descriptions tell you the approx. size of the blooms, too.
Their pictures are pretty accurate, so that helps. I've yet to be disappointed with any Prima flower I've bought. Hope this helps a little. Your project sounds lovely
Ann Marie

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