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  • Tivi Said:
This is really dumb but, when you all say that it's easier to move the LO's around what do you mean?

I get the part about the 3 ring vs post bound. I don't get the moving around part. Do you ONLY use 1 LO per page protector? So you just move the pp? Doesn't anyone else put 2 LO's (back to back) in a pp?

I use 3-ring and don't scrap chronologically.

I do put my layouts back to back in one protector. If I need to add one to the middle to the album, I just add another page protector, or move one layout forward or backward to another protector. I admit, I have some page protectors in my album that may only have one layout.

Try doing that to an already loaded post bound!

I'm sure I described that clear as mud.

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