Username Post: VCW Week #224 - Making NEW friends and Renewing the old!
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Once upon a time, things got quiet here on the weekends, so a thread was started to just hang out and do a virtual crop. Since then it has expanded to run all week long. We have our regulars, but new friends are always welcome, too.
And we miss some of our old friends too!!!!

FAIR WARNING: We may talk about anything and everything. We're women. We chat. You never know what might come up in conversation.

Sharing your recent scrappy work is encouraged, but there are no guidelines for what or how much you have to do.

So come on! Don't be bashful! And don't be afraid of the fact that this thread MOVES. Just jump in wherever we are, and we'll be glad to get you caught up on what's happening. We never know what we're going to talk about or how silly we will get.

WARNING: Reading of, or participation in, this thread could result in food or drink being sprayed across your computer or sleepless nights ... Just read responsibly.

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