Username Post: VCW Week #224 - Making NEW friends and Renewing the old!
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YAY! It's Friday!

Hubby is taking all of next week off and we are splitting it up between
-hanging at the camper and lake
-taking a short bike trip to southern Ohio
-and winding up (hopefully) in Conneaut Lake, PA for a classic boat show

I say hopefully because he only just uncovered our boat 2 nights ago and we still have to get it all swelled up so it doesn't take on water and make sure it's running. Which we will do this week at the lake most likely.

It should be nice. And I need the uplifting of just a free week of no cleaning, no working around the house, no hassles. I let hubby know yesterday just how bad all this hassle with my former employer is getting to me and he decided I needed a time out...I think. LOL

Man you're on the wrong side of the state.


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