Username Post: VCW Week #224 - Making NEW friends and Renewing the old!
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Wow! Lots of big weekend plans!

We leave for Charleston WV on Sunday but now my husband's brother and his daugher (she's almost 38, never married, never had a job, never went to college, just lives with her mom for a while and her dad for a while or whoever will support her).

She tried selling furniture once and tried selling sinkhole insurance once. Don't think she ever got a paycheck though and will tell you in a heartbeat that she has no intention of working, she is looking for a rich sugar daddy.

I don't know what she dies all day - in the 5 years I've known her she has just partied day and night. Not sure if she's living with her mom or her dad now.

She's difficult to travel with. When we were in New Orleans we went to the St. Louis cemetery #1 - the oldest surviving cememetery in New Orleans. Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen is buriend there. The cripts are very tall - like 10' buildings and crumbling. You can see exposed corners of coffins occasionally - it is in total disrepair. Many movies have been filmed here.

When you get to the end of one row you can't see around to see what is around the corner.

The internet says to go in a group and stick together. Lots of haunted tours go to this one, but they tell you - do not wander off.

People get mugged in this cemetery constantly. It is a high crime cemetery. Bill told us we had to stick together, it was a dangerous part of New Orleans and the cemetery is extrememly dangerous because it is dilidated and you can't see around corners so do not get separated.

He couldn't believe she wore a sundress cut unbelievable low with a push up bra that pushed up everything. She look like she walked right out of a low budged porn flick.

He asked her what she thought she was dong wearing that when he had told her the cemetery was notorious for muggings and even rapes. She said it was okay, she took her rings off and put them under the car seat.

Bill made her go put on a blouse over the dress. Then she actually wandered off a couple times.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Anyway, I will be in a car 2 weeks with her.

Last time we were at a plate show her father asked her why she was wearing a hooker outfit she told him, "Because I'm going to stand behind the table to attract the men. You will sell more license plates when there is a pretty girl behind selling them."

Two weeks! I think now we may leave Sunday and come straight home next Sunday when it is over. That way we will only be gone 9 or 10 days!

We talked about going to Washington for a couple days but I told Bill, "we will go when it is you and me. I just want this trip to be over with and get home."

We stopped to get junk food at a WalMart last year and a fire truck was in front. She walked up and started talking to the firemen and threw me her camera. I said, "What do you want a picture of?" She said, "I want my picture in front of the firetruck." The firemen started backing away and she said, "Come back - the reason I want the picture is so I can remember all you handsome, strong, good-looking men."

Of course, they all gathered around her and posed. he really older men really ate it up. She then wanted her picture taken with each of them individually so she would remember them.

She met them for 2 minutes when we were walking into WalMart. She didn't actually meet any of them!

It is like this every single day with her.

Tonight will be good though. Crops are always good. This is a pot luck so I'm taking corn souffle to the crop. Have to start getting ready soon.

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