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I will be in Storm Lake, Ia with my boyfriend's widower father. Mark's mom died in 2002, and Mark does not like the idea of dad being alone all the time. He's the only sibling that can make the trip regularly. I go along (usually), though it is tough for me b/c I feel like I'm constantly being scrutinized. It gets down to money: his family has it, mine doesn't. Boyfriend's dad is not upset about my education, just that I went into debt to do it (read: I don't have a wealthy father to pay for it). The famiy thinks I'm after Mark's inheritance money (even after 21 years of knowing me--I had thought that if they got to know me, they would see I'm not like that!) One of my favorite stories about Mark, which really shows his character and disregard for the family money is this: Mark's dad changed his will so that Mark cannot spend any of his inheritance money without his brother's approval (I feel that this is aimed at me). His dad thought he'd be angry, but Mark said, "I don't care. It's not my money, it's yours. Do whatever you want with it!"

So, even though this guy feels this way about me, I go on the weekends. Part of the reason I go is that Mark's dad has been passing out lately, and I don't want Mark to be alone should anything happen. So usually it feels like a sacrifice. But I want to be where Mark is. On the occasions when I just don't feel up to bearing all the scrutiny, I miss him as soon as he walks out the door and think that I should be with him.

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