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Every once in a while my mother says she is going to give her money to charity so it will help people and I tell her its fine with me. She earned it, she can spend it or leave it in whatever way will make her happy.

One thing I do wish though - every trip Bill and I take he invites my mother to go and offeres to pay all of her expenses and she just says she doen't want to go anywhere she can't take her easy chair.

Of course she has got some serious money but hopefully, in fact I know it will nearly all go to my brother who helped build the family business.

I've done nothing for the family business - its in another state. But my brother also worked in another state and when daddy had open hard surgery in 1980 he quit a high paying job and moved where they were to help them to make it easier on daddy and has been there ever since. He's really helped build the business. He is there at 6AM every morning before customers come in.

If you want him at midnight every night - that is where you will find him, still working. Six days a week.

Daddy died in 1993 and my brother has kept it going for my mother. He deserves it all. To me it is fair. His blood sweat and tears are in that business and he sacrificed a good career to help them.

His wife is wonderful and she hates being in the country where they live but she willingly moved there and works in the office of the family business and helps my mother so she deserves it too.

They have worked for it. I haven't.

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