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Money can bring out the worst in people...and the best. I have over 100,000 in education debt (I figure people my age are in debt, for house, car, etc--mine is investing in myself). My boyfriend's family worries about me saddling him with the debt, which I would never do--though if we get married, my debt will be his debt. I will keep a separate account!

Hooray for your brother and sister in-law! I like your attitude about the 'serious money." I know as a teacher I will not make much. But I have committed myself to a life of service, which will have rewards that money can't buy.

Gotta go. Mark gets off work at 3, and will be home by 3:30. I like to be home when he gets home! I will try to stay level-headed this weekend. I always feel ultra-scrutinized at his dad's house, but maybe that's all in my head. Kathleen is the daughter-in-law who can do no wrong, and I am the one who can do no right! The last instance of this was when I made my famous (Mark loves it) sweet n sour pork for Mark's dad for dinner. He said he could taste the sweet, but not the sour! And it had crushed red pepper flakes, which he said set his mouth on fire! I will never be accepted--oh, well. I offend the whole family!

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