Username Post: Queen Round 12 Now Open for Sign Ups
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Hi girls, update on me:
I had to rush up north with my parents on Monday cause my grandfather isn't doing very well. He can't take care of himself anymore so he had to talk to him about moving down state in with my parents. We're coming home sometime Tuesday with him. My apologies for my absence and the proper caring for the current queens. I will update everything once I am home. Once home though I will be busy with helping my mom box up stuff from her craft room, move scrapbook/stamping stuff to get my grandfather settled. As the girls in my current Queen round know I've had a very busy hectic difficult emotional last month and a half. I feel awful for the neglect of my Queens but you know me & I will most assuredly make sure you're spoiled rotten.

Will one of you currently on this thread please copy & paste this to the current Queen thread as I can't do that from my phone. Thank you.

As for this round its supposed to start tomorrow night @ midnight, we currently don't have enough to do that so if everyone can keep bumping and recruiting it would be most appreciated. We will do groups of 5 and start with Queens August 1st.

I've been thinking of how I can switch things up a little to make Queen a little more fun and 1 thought I had was that no one will know what group they are in and the 'groups' will be different every month. It'd take a lot of keeping track on my end but think it'd be fun. Let me know what you think & if any of you have ideas also.

I thank you all for your patience now and during this long difficult month I've had.

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