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Good luck with your scrapbook but I'm not understanding why you want to glue the cardstock onto cardboard.

We just make pages on the cardstock or patterned pages and slip them in to the scrapbook page sleeve. We can change the order of them if we want to because they are not glued to another layout.

If you want to glue your cardstock to cardboard, I guess it would work but I can't image why you would want to.

Also, if you want your scrapbook to last a long time its best to look for acid free-lignen free products. Since the cardboard from cereal boxesis probably not acid-lignen free it will not hold up well.

The cardstock is made to last - it is acid-lignen free.

If you would like to look in my gallery I've been working on a section of celebrities whose stars I saw on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Something like that could work for you.

I also did biographies on the stars which might give you some ideas.

Anyway - good luck with your project.

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