Username Post: New here need some sadvice on starting out!(PLEASE)!
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You can use any kind of binder you want. Many use post binders. I personally use a 12x12 3 ring binder, as many here do.

Some make 8x8 book. Any size is fine. It how you want to archive your pictures and memories.

If you have an Archivers near you they have a introductin to scrabook class - its free and you get a little hands on training just to give you ideas of what is out there and how it works. They give you scrap cardstock and you get to make some die-cuts to keep. That might be a good idea for you if you are near an Archivers.

If you have other scrapbook stores you can see if they have any beginning classes.

I took one and it really helped! I didn't know what I was doing - I walked into Michaels or Joannes and it was just confusion at all the stuff. Once I took the beginning class one night, then I was confident to start working pages.

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