Username Post: If money was no object....what would you have?
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

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I would have a huge room - basement sized that has half set up as my crop workspace and room for my computer, desk and everything I need to scrap.

I would put a section where my husband could work on his computer too because we like to be n the same room.

Most of the center of the room would be filled with long tables so I could have free crops here. I would love that. And a refrigerator and microwave and place to set out snacks for crops.

I would also be able to take up the crop tables and put down loads of card tables if I'm hosting bunco.

There would be an awesome mancave for my husband and he would retreat there when I have crops. But when I didn't have crops, he would have a place to set up his computer because we like to be in the same room.

We are in the office/scraproom on our computers together 10-12 hours some days! Most nights till 1 or 2AM!

It would also have a couch and comfortable places to sit and hang out.

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