Username Post: If money was no object....what would you have?
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I would absolutely have my own studio and scrapbooking store in my home....My friend already has one in her house and it makes me insanely jealous (except I get to shop there at a huge discount!)

One wall would be completely covered in shelves of cricut cartridges and both the E2 and the Imagine (oh to have the freedom to not have to choose!)

I'd have huge library of magazines and idea my own crops and have tons of give-a-ways.....

There would be more Martha Stewart punches than one would know what to do with....every shade of distress inks and a billion adorable stamps.

Bling and embellishments EVERYWHERE!

I would employ someone full time to just clean up the messes as I hate that part and be there to wash the stamps! Of course, he'd be tall, dark and handsome (kinda like having a pool boy)

oooooooh...and a little cafe on the side with faboulous couches and drinks and snacks....

Oh, sorry, I'm still writing huh....kinda got lost in the dream! GREAT QUESTION....took us all out of reality for a while!

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