Username Post: If money was no object....what would you have?
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Not really interesting in accumulating entire collections of stuff I won't use, and I actually mostly like the layout of my scraproom, everything tucks into place nicely, not sure where I would put anything else. Would get the 3 or 4 Cricut carts I don't have and want, maybe an Expression (but where to put it?), and a more usable table and proper chair (instead of an old dining room chair from my in-laws' house). And I could do that now, really; the house payment is our only debt, and the things I want for the scraproom wouldn't cost more than a couple hundred bucks and I'd be set.

But then, if money was no object I'd be getting rid of most of the furniture my in-laws passed to my husband before we were married and replacing it with things of our own choosing.

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