Username Post: If money was no object....what would you have?
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I don't have real big dreams, but I'm right in there with the Bazzill. I'm an addict! I'd load up on flowers and bling, too.

Otherwise, I'd have my scraproom set up like my own little shop with racks for everything and a big desk for working and a separate station for my Expression and Cuttlebug.

If I won the lottery, I'd have my own LSS and be able to not care whether it was profitable or not! I'd give lessons and have crops and ... have a good time! That way I could have all the stock and machines and be able to write them off

I like this ides. If I was insanely rich, I would quit my job and open a lss. It would be the cool place to hang out and all my friends would come play. I would have a couple of rooms in the back for my kid to take her naps and I would have staff so I could take off when I wanted. I would host evening crops and we would have a bartender and it would be the BESTEST TIME EVAH!!!!

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