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Help....I am a mother of a 24, 20, 19 and 15 year old with 4 grandchildren. I have thousands of pictures from my 1st childs birth till now and most of the time u dont see me with out my new digital camera. yes, im a little late, i always liked the 35mm because it was simple, but someone finally took the time to kinda explain the digital, but Im still cautious, me and technology dont get along lol, but where do I even start....I have always just put picture in photo slots, now i would love to make each one of my kids there very own photo do i separate them...Im lost..... I do have some scrappbooking things and i got 5 huge photo alblums, one for me and one for each of my children. Thank u so much for this websight, i wish i would of thought of this sooner, but Im just learning the computer, lol. I know thats sad at 41 but ive been divorced for 18years and had to work , work , work, now i wanna get busy and enjoy some fun women stuff and get to my other side...God bless any any advice or friends would be such a blessing..Thank U...DeAnn

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