Username Post: New here need some sadvice on starting out!(PLEASE)!
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Sounds like you want to make a mini book You'll need a binding tool like a Bind It All OR you can do it with binder rings and a hole punch if you are on a tight budget. The Bind It All is about $50-60 and they have a fabulous blog and website with tons of resources for you -- I am on their design team

For ideas, you don't have to take a class. You can find almost anything on YouTube for free if you can spend the time to look. Also, go to the websites for manufacturers and check out their galleries, videos, and blogs and go to the blogs of their design team members. You can find alot of tutorials and videos that way.

Yes, I do teach classes There are online classes at sites like where you can take beginning to advanced scrapbooking classes if you do not have a local store or the schedule to take in -person classes.

Also, I would not use cereal boxes because they are flimsy. Invest in some chipboard. You can get it here or you can get it at etsy or you can get it from a paper supply store. hth!!!!

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