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I have no number goal for LOs I want to complete b/c I am on my 4th "Book of Me" Album, so I just do BOM Los when I have a topic/event/feeling that I want to scrap about. BOM LOs are my FAVORITE to do b/c it is like a type of therapy for me..I am going to look through my BOM's and share a few pages I really like. But I will share the link to my BOM album if anyone feels like perusing through tons of BOM LOs they are welcome to!

My goal is going to be to continue to work on my "my life: documented" journal/scrapbook. I really want to keep up with documenting my everyday life with words, pictures, memorabilia, embellies, & whatever else I want to use. I just will need encouragement to keep at it when it is no longer novel (new). I have a MILLION and ONE unfinished projects b/c in my ADD driven state, I start a great project--then I get bored & leave it for something more stimulating....Vicious cycle!!

OK, I am ADD now b/c my meds are wearing off so I should probably stop rambling & I need to head to bed soon anyway. Good Night!!! Sweet Dreams!!!

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