Username Post: VCW # 235 Summer's last hurrah!!
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Ria - thanks for the list! I'll have to compare it in a bit to the list I have. In the meantime, I took my 40% off coupon to M's yesterday and picked up a new card for just over $30.

Mel - thanks for the prayers. Wednesday went very smoothly. Things with Dad were pleasant (and short), which is always good. And I love watching my great-aunts in action. They are 88 and 81 now (they are the oldest and youngest - and only surviving - of a set of 4 sisters) and pretty much say whatever they want - and it's often hysterically funny and inappropriate.

Desi - must be the day for gut troubles, because Ethan and I both were dealing with them this morning. Once I got him to school and got back home, I got out of my jeans and into some old scrub pants for the same reason you're doing the sweats. Hope you feel better soon!

And Liz.... :shaking head: It just doesn't seem like Abby should bein 6th grade already. Nononononono. Where has the time gone?

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