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  • Sharon64 Said:
Each to their own, but Sizzix takes the cuttlebug and spellbinder dies, so Sizzix is better value for money all the way around.

The Cuttlebug takes all these dies as well and is cheaper here than the Sixxiz machines.

  • Sharon64 Said:
I'm a frugal crafter and like to see people get value for money. Sizzix dies are also way way cheaper than Spellbinders and that is why I said Sizzix has blown them to kindom come.

Not really sure how you came to this conclusion.
For example, The Sizzix and Spellbinders flourish type dies I linked are the same price.

I looked up prices of the Framelits and they're $20-25 a Spellbinders. Only they don't emboss, so that's a big minus for me. Because with the Spellbinders you can emboss or you can have a plain it's double duty.

I don't mean to be argumentative, but I don't think some of your info is least not for US customers. The dies seem to be the same prices, no matter which brand.

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