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Hey girls!

Well, today I had a bunch of things happen that were good! ~First off, I got an AMAZING PACKAGE from my secret sister last round~trishalouise. It had so much in it...but if you all want to hear about the box, I'm gonna put it on the other thread.

Then I got a call from the lady I'm buying my teacup poodle Capri from. Capri is now officially one pound and I get to go pick her up tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands on her!

And one last bit of good news...In December, when came out with those teasers of new products coming...well, I fell in love with these punches (we r memory keepers lucky which takes 12x12 papers and makes them into those fancy die-cut pages on the edges. Well, I was beginning to think they would never come out but I found them today and although they aren't due to come until later, I pre-ordered all of them! It was so neat to want something for almost a year and finally find them!

So, it's been a great day! Tomorrow will be great too! And I hope all of you have had an amazing Saturday!

Talk to you all soon!

did you find them here? They looked so fun!

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