Username Post: How would you store LOTS of paper?
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I am in the midst of creating a scrapbook room/space, and I'm using wire shelving from the Container Store. It did cost a small fortune, but I bought it piece by piece not the set. It was easier for me financially, and I did this about 15 years ago! I was using this shelving unit as an entertainment center, but felt it was better used to hold my scrapbook stuff due to its amazing strength and durability. I have my paper in plastic hanging folder boxes purchased at Office Depot. I have stacks in a basket I recently bought at a thrift store.

I don't have "that much" paper....yet so this works for me. I also bought a hanging file cart at a scrapbook garage sale two weeks ago, but I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for. I will post pics once the room is in order.

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