Username Post: How would you store LOTS of paper?
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Hi all,
Thanks for the replies! LOVE the idea of Craigslist. Hadn't thought of that, but I'll definitely check that out today!

Jen- Thanks for the link- I have been happily obsessed looking at other people's scrap-spaces.. LOVE your paper holder- so well organized... I have a LOT of paper I re-counted my vertical paper holders (which hold appox. 200 sheets each), and I have (shhhh...) 22! OUCH!! I underestimated when I originally posted and now have to keep that in mind when I go shopping for solutions. I saw a great looking "media cart" on the Container Store (it's on SALE for $264.. ouch!!) but now with my more accurate count even THAT won't fit all my paper holders (I would use just the top shelf for them)...

I did re-arrange my shelving (along with a lot MORE then I anticipated moving!!) but am not particularly happy with the result. Though I like having all papers on the top shelf, it took up such space that I had to move everything else over towards my computer corner to give myself enough clearance to move my chair around "inside" my desk. Now the computer corner is QUITE claustrophobic :O

So, I'm still on the hunt for a better solution.. though I have GOT to get those "people movers" (those little plastic thingies that make it easier to slide furniture around) under ALL my furniture before moving anything else.. I practically killed myself moving stuff! I does remind me of one thing I'd like to have on my new paper shelves... wheels!!!

Here's a link to latest photo of my paper specifically:

and the other scrapbook area photos from 2011:


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