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This was so much fun this past year! An entire month of happy mail. As an adult it made me again remember all the excitement that would lead up to my Birthday party. Come and join us, we would love to have you.

Please remember by signing up you are making a 12 MONTH COMMITTMENT!!!

*****REQUIRED CHECK IN, EVERY 2 WEEKS ON THIS THREAD****Please join me in 2012 sending out birthday cards to our fellow scrappers!All skill levels are welcome.

Please have at least 500 postings, or have swapped with me before. I will not have my friends flaked on. If you sign up and then quit sending cards after your Birthday then I WILL put you on my flaker list and I WILL share that list with my friends on here.

The point is to make and send a birthday card to the members on or around their birthday, (you will get a bunch of cards sent to you on your birthday as well). You can also include a little handmade something or sb embellishment if you wish but that is optional.

If you are interested in signing up please pm me your name, address, and birthdate. I will compile a list and pm that info to everyone. Please remember your information will be shared with fellow neighbors so they are able to send you a card. Just think of how much fun it will be to get a bunch of cute cards on your birthday from people who share a passion for crafting.

I will be keeping up with those that do and do not send out cards. I understand that things do come up and you might miss a month of sending out cards and that is okay as long as you pick back up the next month and send out cards. It is not fair for an individual to send out cards every month to each birthday ladies and then in return only receive one card on her birthday. I hope everyone can understand this and participate fairly!

***There was a question asked from a prior round from someone who signed up, asking if it's OK to send a store bought card. That is okay! Not everyone makes cards and it will still be nice to get these cards whether handmade or store bought. It may be nice to include a little handmade sb item if you choose to, but again, this is optional. This should be fun and not stressful.***


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