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Very sorry to say it is a new camera. I traded my well loved 20 year old Canon AE-1 film camera in on a new digital Canon 20D 5 years ago, plus spent a fortune to boot.... My 20D kicked the bucket last week and the cost to repair is as much as a new Canon Rebel T3i. Hoping Santa will come VERY EARLY this year since my daughter has state volleyball tournaments next week... I love Canon products, but I am disappointed with only 5 years of use.

I found a local camera repair shop that does not send the camera back to Canon for repair and they are very reasonable. The Canon dealers wanted to send back to manufacturer and the basic cost was $250 just to look at it, plus the cost of parts and labor. this local shop fixed mine (twice for different problems) for a lot less than the $250. If you liked your 20D, try a local camera repair shop. I don't know where you live, small town or large city. I live in the Atlanta area and have lots of options.

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