Username Post: A question For those of you that do alot of die cutting
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So, I tried some things out, using the birdcage die and my Halloween cat n raven dies-

In the past, I've cut some pretty sturdy paintchips (some really big ones with no writing on the front, just the colors. I found them at the hardware store- and felt guilty about taking a few of every purty color they had, so I asked the paint department guy.,, he said, 'dang man take the whole stack of eah color if you want, we've got boxes n boxes of em, take a box if you want- so nobody say HOW DARE YOU CLEAN OUT THE PLACE AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PAINT MANUFACTURERS OF THE WORLD! Anyways, what was I talkin about? Oh yeah, so they're big, like 5x6) and so Ive had no problem with these even thinker than regular paintchips.

I got a piece of chipboard and cut a birdcage. No problem.

Now, this wasn't chipboard so thick you cut it at an angle and use it as a shiv if you ended up in prison and needed to shank the rat you squealed an got you put Ad Seg for a week....but it's pretty decent chipboard and somebody's watching too much LockUp on the crime channel.

So, for Kory, no problems with the dies.

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