Username Post: What's your newest favorite right now?
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Perfect Pearls.....I never got the hang of stickles but I LOVE Perfect Pearls and Pearls Pens by I think Viva....

I am loving Skitles.....domed clear dew drops type of things. I got a bunch on Ebay and Love them.

AND my cricut. I was not using it enough and now that I have the Gypsy to weld titles, it magic for me.

Also I found a program called Photility that lets you make collage prints really easy so you don't have to pay extra to have them printed. I print 2 or 4 pics on a 4x6 photo and I get them printed for 10 cents each instead of $0.89. It's a free program too. LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH.

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