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  • Tivi on 12-05-11 01:36 PM

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Just make sure you buy the same brand page protectors as the album. The positions of the posts and rings are NOT standard across brands (yep, learned that one the hard way).

Good advice.

But.... I use the Hiller albums and C-Line protectors.

Bought a different brand and they stuck out the edge of the album (too wide).

I have not run in to any that have different holes (but, again, I only use C-line or We R Memory Keepers).

For holes:
Color Bok and WRMK do not line up
The 'off' brand at M's does not line up with anything that I've used
The no-name brand at Walmart does not line up with ColorBok Perfect Scrapbook (post bound).
Pioneer does not line up ColorBok postbound or the WRMK 3 ring binder

I've punched my own holes in a few protectors and discovered the edges don't line up across any of the brands I listed above.

Waay too fustrating for me, I use the same brand as the album now.

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