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I'm very new too, just registered a few days ago.

I'm not as overwhelmed as other newcomers, as judged by their posts. I think it's because I know clearly what I care about, and why I scrapbook. I'm into photography, and i care about photos more than anything else in the world. I also work full time with a baby, so I can't spend more than a few hours a week on scrapbooking. So it's an easy decision to go for 12x12 and keep embellishments to a minimum, and let photos do the talking. It's also healthier for my wallet. That's how I arrived at my style and helped me budget the spending.

So, why do you want to scrapbook? How much time and $$$ do you have to invest? Do you have other hobbies or chores that will compete for the space and time needed to scrapbook? Hopefully those questions will help you narrow the options a bit.

I have to say though, my "minimalist" approach is being seriously challenged. The more I browse, the more embellishments I want to add!

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