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Let the sign ups begin!!!

ScrapbookSusie's Secret Swapper Birthday Celebration Swap

This is a Secret Swapper style swap. I will accept sign ups until January 1st and then I will select partners and send them out shortly after signups close. YOUR PARTNER MUST RECEIVE THEIR PACKAGE NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 10TH!!!!!! If someone covers your spot on the 11th you will be considered a FLAKER!

Please Note: I am requiring ALL PACKAGES be sent using delivery confirmation!!!! It is less than a dollar more and the peace of mind is well worth it! All packages must arrive to your partner by Feb 10th, the only exception is if you have been in contact with me and I can verify it is in transit BY the the 10th!!! Communication is key here!!! I understand that things happen just PLEASE COMMUNICATE with me. If you would prefer you can always private message or text me with any problems or concerns you have to keep it private and off the boards.

IMPORTANT: THERE IS A SPENDING MINIMUM for each group on the package you send. That is meant to be the limit spent on product PLUS the cost of shipping.

GIFT REQUIREMENTS: You will send to your partner 12 gifts total, wrapped and labeled with the numbers 1-12.

The spending limit for the Playful Penguin Group is $42-$53 on gifts - this will be in addition to wrapping and shipping. Days 1-11 need to have a value of $2-$3 each and Day 12 must have at least a $20 value.

The spending limit for the Totally Tye Dye Group is $26-$37 on gifts, again - this will be in addition to wrapping and shipping. Days 1-11 need to have a value of $1-$2 each and Day 12 must have at least a $15 value.

Your gifts need to arrive to your partner NO LATER than February 10th. I want this swap to be FUN, let's get the packages there on time and no one has to worry about added stress!!! If you flake in this swap I will not allow you to sign up for any of my swaps in the future, and if someone asks I will let them know you flaked! If you flaked on my last swap or mailed extremely late please don't try to sign up for this one.

The Fun Stuff: Starting February 18th (my birthday) we will each open our gift labeled #1, and post what we got. On day 2 (Feb 19th) we will all open our gift labeled #2, and post what we got...leading up to February 29th when we will all open our final gift and post what we got.

After you post your interest in joining, please copy and paste the survey below and send it directly to me in a private message. I will list participants once I have received their survey and confirmed their entry. ALL PARTICIPANTS will be required to check in WEEKLY! I will check in on you if you don't check in here and drop you from the swap with 3 failed attempts at contacting you.

Also, please update your wishlist with LOTS of options!!! This makes getting things you like and will use a lot easier!

Ideas: Small item ideas for days 1-11 could be, a package of specialty brads, a pack of stickers with a spool of ribbon, a bottle of stickles, some bling and/or prima flowers, a new pen, a cute stamp set, page kits, paper packs, etc. These are just ideas, please use your imagination, get creative; just think of what would be fun to receive! The final, 12th Day, gift must be something your partner asked for; this could be something off their wishlist here or from their survey. This is important, I don't want this to be used as an "Oh I have such and such laying around let's just use that and send it off" Noooo, I want everyone to get something they want! Please adhere to this rule!!!!

I ask on the survey about whether you like to use handmade items and what your favorite snacks are. These are extras. If you wish to spoil your partner you can send handmade items or snacks, but these DO NOT count towards our spending limit!!!! The total spending limit must be spent on scrapbook related items.

I do understand the economy sucks and a lot of us are on restricted scrap budgets but please THINK about this swap before you commit!!! I don't want to come across mean but I also don't want someone to flake out just because they didn't think about it first!

One last thing, if you are a new to swapping please be prepared to provide swap references!

Phew, I think that just about covers EVERYTHING! If you have any questions feel free to ask away!!


What Group would you like to be in:
Group 1($42-$53) *OR* Group 2($26-$37)
Screen Name:
Full Name:
Mailing Address:
City, State Zip:
Are you married?
Do you have children, if so, please list gender and ages?
Do have pets and scrapbook about them? If yes, what type of pet?
What size do you scrap mostly? (12x12, 6x6, 8x8 etc.)
What are your favorite embellishments to use?
What are your favorite colors?
What events do you have coming up that you will be scrapping?
Are there any embellishments or techniques that you’d really like to try?
Do you use stamps/stamping on your projects?
Are there any embellishments or items that you will NOT use?
What are a couple different things you would like to receive as your 12th Day gift? (Group 1 valued at $20, Group 2 valued at $15)
Is there anything that you’d like your secret swapper to know about you that you think might help them?
Do you like to receive handmade items?
What is your favorite snack items or candies?

= Received Secret Swapper
= Mailed
= Received

Group 1

Group 2

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