Username Post: Volume Scrapping Challenge 2012 - FULL and ready to scrap!
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YIPPEE!! I was starting to think no one saw this yesterday... then I return tonight will all sorts of signups.

I think I have everyone updated on the first page. Let me know if I messed something up, please.
Looks like 100 is the lucky number for this year

Kelly: You got it. Last year it was confusing (kind of) with multiple "goals". Trying to simplify things for all of us
Nancy: Love to see you again here.
Melissa: Glad to have you!
Paula: You made it here! Yay!
Eileen: So happy to see you here.
Anna: Hooray for another familiar face.
Bonnie: This could be your year!
Scrapbook Queen: What a wonderful maternity leave. Enjoy!!
Melissa: 100 layouts (like so many of us)... you can do it!
Sonja: Congrats on the upcoming arrival!
Amy: Welcome!
J-M: What a goal! You can do it...
Senora: So glad to have you back. Loved seeing your work in 2011.

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