Username Post: So Freakin Frustrated~trying to print sized pics
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For the last 2 hours I have been fiddling with trying to print my pics in different sizes. Apparently, I will never figure this out without help!!

I am trying to do my first sketch and want to follow the sizing on the pictures. I am currently using Picasa to edit, which I am hoping to continue doing as I have spent so much time importing my photos, organizing them in folders and albums for easy location. I love that they are all labelled and easy to find.

I have created a folder of the photos I want to use on the sketch. I have re-sized them using the crop feature and then doing custom sizing. Great, no problem.

Except when I select the lot to print to my Cannon printer they won't print at the size I want them to. I have to select a print layout ie (2) 4x6, (4) 3x5, (1) 8x10. (9) wallets, etc. I just want to print them the size I have sized them and fit them onto the page(s) to print in the size I want them to. I have looked at every option and can't figure it out.

Now I know it can be done but how???

Anyone with a cannon mx882 printer have a clue here?

I want to get going here...

THANK you in advance kind people! Help!

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