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ALSO- the thing I didn't like about The Cinch- besides it's boring little round hole punches- I didn't like that you have to carefully watch when closing the wires and do it just so- I like that the BIA has the little measuring cards so you set how far the 'crusher' goes. (I make these names up as I go, so sue me).

So far, I love my horrid pink BIA!

I have been watching tutorials on YT on both tools. When I first started watching, my mind was pretty much made to buy the Cinch, the more I watched, however, the more I have started to think about getting the BIA. Four things that have turned my thinking...

1. The ugly holes

2. The amount of space it takes up

3. Problems with closing the wires

4. The price, it seems the BIA is a bit less expensive than the Cinch

So, I think that doesn't leave enough reasons to buy the Cinch although I really like the idea of hanging the wire on the side rack to load the book but.....not enough.

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