Username Post: Can't Scrap Anymore Without Sketches
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I was just thinking about posting a thread in the opposite direction.

I was so thrilled when I first discovered sketches, and I've been collecting them on my pinterest. But there are so many of them out there I feel like anything I come up with, somebody would've sketched it somewhere, meaning any layout I do is a sketch. So why do I need a sketch?

And I never seem to be able to adhere to a sketch or someone else's layout no matter how hard I try. They end up looking completely different. One of my problems is I can never find the right combination of photo orientations to fit the sketch. For example, last Halloween I have 3 portrait and 2 landscape photos, and for the life of me I can't find a good sketch that does that. I understand you don't have to follow the layout exactly, but when you change photo orientation it makes a HUGE difference, especially if the photo sizes are large.

Another example- last night I had 2 square photos to work with, and I remember there are TONS of 2-photo sketches. The beauty of square photos is you can work them into portrait or landscape photo layouts. But my chosen background paper are already in sections, so I can't work with any sketches that I bookmarked. Then I have this giant rub-on I HAVE to use, because it goes perfectly with the paper. Just little things like these that always prevent me from following.

I was going to post something and ask if anyone else feel sketches are useless haha! I still like to bookmark them on pinterest though. They inspire me although I can't follow them most of the time.

There is no need to "follow" a sketch to the letter if you don't want to. Make the photos you have work. Take out what doesn't fit from the sketch. There are no rules... If it inspires you do branch out why not? I wouldn't call that useless by any means.

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