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I think the next big storylines are:

1. Angie/Kevin, Angie's career, Kevin/Chloe
2. Gloria/Angelo/Jeffrey
3. Billy/Victoria/Chelsea w/baby
4. Devon and his hearing impairment update
5. a. Nick/Phyllis b. Victor/Sharon
c. Victor/Nikki d. Victor/Victoria's Secret
6. Beauty of Nature's (again) future
7. Neil and Sofia's relationship
8. Ricky and his new job at Restless Style

Two things that have been forgotten:
1. Victor and epileptic seizures/meds.
2. Tucker and memory issues/inabilities after his accident which played a role in the storyline (Kay making McCall industry decisions while Tucker was incapacitated/hospital.)

Sharon moves into the Ranch, mets the staff and dismisses them for alone time with Faith.
Gee, all the staff (large one) has been there all along while Victor was in his lonely little jail cell (maybe making paper snowflakes to pass the time) and no one was living in the house.
I say, hire back Miguel and Rafe's aunt!

Creepy sneaky Adam tucks a sound sleeping Sharon and Faith in.

Lily and Cane have an ice skating date with hot chocolate.

Chelsea is at Jimmy's Bar, she talks to Adam.
Billy and Victoria stop by after a confidential conference with Micheal at their home, and Chelsea loudly asks for a beer to go with her hamburger. Billy tells her she is moving in with them. At the TV House, the dog does not like her (Chelsea) and growls but she tells the dog (and us) she is going to make them pay and be sorry.

At Gloworm, alcohol free Nikki confesses to Kay then turns herself in at the police station.
No one has to go looking for her!

Deacon is in cuffs at the police station and Nick wants to attack him but is held back.

Later, Ashley and Genevieve have an intervention with Jack not to buy Beauty of Nature.

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