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Kory you make me laugh LoL. I like the black one too! Think I'll be getting that next.

I got my DD's on Amzon for Christmas when I ordered their other Christmas gifts& I know M's carries them too.
I do know sells them of course too.

My DD's finally really got into theirs & they are in love. It's cute. My youngest who is 11 said "Ma, I feel so good when I'm done making one of my pages. Now I know how you feel when you scrapbook" :-) She has been showing evryone of us everytime she finishes something. She even explains the steps she took & how she had to look for the perfect sticker LOL. Her older brother has been quite supportive of her & hears her all the way out even though he's in the middle of a xbox game lol. It's all so very cute. My oldest DD is keeping hers PRIVATE lol she is 16. The whole house is part of the SMASH phenom whether they like it or not. Hehehe

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