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Hah, is there even such a thing as a SIMPLE scrapbook? I'm a complete scrapbook newbie and I'm overwhelmed by all the info, options, and "fancy" layouts I've seen on this site! This is my first post, and I could use some help.

I have a 4 year old daughter, and I have all the photos since she was born in a box or on a disk waiting to go somewhere. Her baby book is still empty too (I'm so ashamed!). Well, I'm determined to get these photos in books/albums asap because I'm pregnant with #2. So here are a few newbie questions...

1. Since #2 is on the way, I'm wondering if it's best to have separate sets of books for each child or everything mixed in one set of family books?

2. I have photos, newspaper clippings, drawings, miscellaneous scraps, and my journal entries about my dd. Is it possible for all these to go in the same books? I'd love for everything to be in one place chronologically.

3. I'm not looking to create beautiful art here, like I've seen with the amazing layouts in the gallery. I just want to stick the things in a book as I have them, perhaps on a sheet of lovely background paper, and forget it. My mom used the scrapbooks with the sticky pages and plastic covers and everything just got stuck in there chronologically... it's a near perfect system in my eyes (except that the photos are yellowed now and many are permanently stuck... sigh). What's the easiest kind of book/system to go with to make things simple and archive-safe.

4. Oh, and I took lots of photos, especially daughter's first year. So what books/sizes will hold the most?

Phew, I think that's all for now... any help is so much appreciated!
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