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  • studiocbychelsea Said:
I don't really have a specific style...yet...I'm still playing around with everything...I love the snowfall collection but was not sure how well it would go due to the brown in the collection that is not in our original wedding colors. I was looking at the enchanted line and adding touches of blue but the black isn't in the color scheme either...I think I'm being too

Well, I was thinking if your style was on the chabby chic side or a vintage twist was to your liking... I think you could make some beautiful pages!!! I consider...just my opinion of course,,, that the brown would be a nice contrasting, or complementary color...
If your wedding had any natural or natured accents,,,for instance birchbark wrapped candles as centerpieces at your reception...or parchment invitations...
Or if your Hubby is an outdoorsman or if you both are say the forest, lake, mountains, ect.

I don't know anything about you and I'm simply trying to suggest different ideas.

Tell us more about your accents at the wedding, your likes and dislikes...
Are you a classic, clean lines, bold color scrapper?
Do you like any distressing?....
I hope this is helping...LOL!!! Tell me to bug off anytime...I don't mean to intrude, just trying to get a "feel" of what you'd like.

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