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I am also curious about cutters. I currently have a Cricut personal. I love it, but wish I would have gotten a bigger one. I am also using SCAL2 on my cricut, and love that. Im wanting to upgrade, but am cruious....if I buy an new Cricut...can I use SCAL2 on it, or would I be better off buying a machine that I can you SCAL2 on or update to SCAL3. I want to be able to cut bigger than te 6x12 I am able to cut now. Any advice?

I own a Cricut Create and although I'm not familiar with SCAL2 or 3 as far as I know, you better off researching some more and getting a cutter that you'll be able to use with those software. I heard about a lawsuit that prevent you from using the Cricut with any third-party software.

Sorry that I'm not much help..Maybe someone in here would provide you with more info...

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