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HI EVERYONE!!! I'm back from vacation (Dominican Republic). It was an absolutely great week- sun, ocean breeze, gorgeous views, lots of rum & whale watching. Read, relaxed, met some great people & took in the sun. We got home late Saturday night. Sunday- well- we needed to get some groceries- so off we went to the commissary- unfortunately as the day progressed, so did the feeling I had a bladder infection. So DH did the grocery shopping while I lounged in the car. Then I'm dozing on the way home & he pulls into the Walgreen's which has a clinic. Gets me some antibiotics and takes me home. I have an amazing man at my side for sure. He takes care of me so well.

I'm feeling better today, but I am am soooooo tired. Went to bed at 8pm last night & wanted to kill the alarm clock at 5am. I'm at work today, but wondering why I came as I want to put my head down so bad. I have my hormone implant in an hour or so- and they'll give me a B12 shot while I'm there- I sure hope that helps get my brain functioning again. Now I understand the needing a vacation after the vacation.

I plan on opening days 1-10 this afternoon. Have my camera still ready to go from vacation- so I'll just add those pics and post tomorrow. Some nice stuff posted so far. Who else has been missing? Seems like we're short a couple.

Bon & Susie- I'm so glad you like the CTMH stuff. They have some really nice things & as of Feb 1st came out with some really great new things. I couldn't get those in time to add them to the gifts though. Next time. I love CTMH stamps & inks- I guess a lot of it is consistency and longevity of the products too. Quality definitely counts. is my site if anyone is interested in browsing. There's also tips, videos, etc available too. If anyone has any questions, etc- please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Next post- tonight when I open my goodies

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