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This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images.

All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge

March TWIST: Use one of the following on your project: shamrock, welded word, birdcage - Must be made cut with your Cricut

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (31st) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects) for an RAK from me


At the end of each month (the 31st) there will be a random drawing from all projects that used the twist for an RAK from me.*

*Winner of the first drawing will not be eligible for the 2nd drawing*

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

Signups close on March 2 at midnight CST

Completed 3 projects

Norma( njr007)
1. Lisa (lpeeps)
2. Trish (ChansGram)
3. Anna (AnnaC)
4. Michelle ((melissadam)
5. Joannie (joannie)
6. Tracy (TracyF)
7. Tina (tinadn)
8. Shannon (mrsmiller)
9. Kelly (NewSnow0518)
10. Donna (DittoBabyGirl)
11. Sue (jazzescrapper)
12. Carol (SnowDog)
13. Carolyn (vinarash)
14. Sonja (SonjaC)
15. Kimberly (leokc)
16. Henva (stopnstare)
17. Donna (dkscrapper)
18. Becky (Aunt Jo)
19. Dawna (Dawn,sPlace)
20. Elaine (AshleyLadd)
21. Val (Izzy0611)
22. Mel (tealbrand)
23.Shelley (BornToScrap)
24. Karen (Renbear)
25. Joy (joydee)
26. Laura (lcmemories)
27. Denielle (denielle.c.podraza)
28. Melanie (lamoo12)

1. Life is Special with Friends like You By Izzyw0611
2. Thanks So Much By Izzyw0611
3. sweetie By Melissadam *with twist*
4. buddies By Melissadam
5. Michigan sunset By Joannie
6. Just married By Tinadn
7. New Mom By Tinadn
8. Beach Day-Fun Day By ChansGram *with twist*
9. Pooh Door Hanger By Dkscrapper
10. untitled By Melissadam
11. Clowing Around By ChansGram *with twist*
12. Dump trucks By Lamoo12
13. She's all that By Leokc34 *with twist*
14. winter zone By Joannie *with twist*
15. Big Girl By ChansGram *with twist*
15. What A Whopper By AshleyLadd
16. Built BoyTough By AshleyLadd
17. That 70's Dave By AshleyLadd
18. Pumpkin Patch By ChansGram
19. Happy Now? By Mrsmiller
20. Finally Crossed That Bridge By Mrsmiller *with twist*
21. Fly Away By Tracy F *with twist*
22. March Cricut Challenge By AuntJo
23. good luck By Leokc34 8with twist*
untitled By Melissadam
25. chestnut vendor By Melissadam
26. Birthday Girl By Njr007
27. Sunny Days By Joannie *with twist*
28. spanish ambassador's home By Melissadam
29. court of cassation By Melissadam
30. Rosy By Leokc34
31. Irish Eyes By Tracy F *with twist*
32. Baby Boy Card....POD #1 1/10 Mini Made it Myself By Anna C
33. I must go... (Scraps of Darkness) By SonjaC *with twist*
34. To Love and Be Loved (Anniversary card) By SonjaC
35. the poet By Melissadam
36. cappuccino By Melissadam
37. il fontanore By Melissadam
38. dancing jesus By Melissadam
39. the villa By Melissadam
40. DS2 trucking By Lamoo12
41. A Social Officer I want to be! By Njr007
42. Butterfly card #2 By Njr007
43. Butterfly card #1 By Njr007
44. A Fathers Love- Tag Hidden By Denielle.c.podraza *with twist*
45. howdy By Melissadam*with twist*
46. Icing On The Cake By AshleyLadd
47. Mae's Bridal By AshleyLadd
48.-49. Games Afoot By AshleyLadd
50. 1 Fish book mark By Leokc34
51. Dream By ChansGram *with twist*
52. A Christmas Story By NewSnow0518 *with twist*
53. The perfect tree By NewSnow0518
54. Bliss By Tinadn
55. Happy birthday By Tinadn *with twist*
56. Happy birthday By Tinadn *with twist*
57.-58. Dream Big By Lpeeps
59.-60. New You By Lpeeps
61. Yellowstone National Park By Njr007
62. Silverados Drill Team By Njr007
63. Four Generations By Njr007
64. My Dad- Th By Joydee1963 *with twist*
65. bff By Leokc34
66. dance By Melissadam
67. Wind It Up! By Mrsmiller *with twist*
68. Easter By Njr007
69. Cutie By Izzyw0611
70.-71. Love By Anna C *with twist*
72. Koala Memories By Vincarash *with twist*
73. Lions By Vincarash
74. Cricut Challenge-Mother By Joydee1963 *with twist*
75. My Mother By Joydee1963 *with twist*
76. Road Trip.... By Dawna.s Place
77. celebrate By Melissadam
78. Easter Chick By Tracy F
79. Chocolate Bunny By Tracy F
80. Easter Card By Tracy F
81. prayer By Melissadam
82. beautiful By ChansGram *with twist*
83. Place cards By Tinadn
84. reserved By Tinadn
85. Happy Father's Day By Dkscrapper *with twist*
86. Happy Mother's Day By Dkscrapper *with twist*
87. cake time-march cricut challenge and astrology the person before you By Denielle.c.podraza
88.-89. Tis the Season By Jazzescrapper *with twist*
90. The Mighty Fisherman By Jazzescrapper
91. mass By Melissadam
92. outside the colosseum By Melissadam
93. maybe an author By Izzyw0611 *with twist*
94. Paradise By Njr007
95. spring wishes By Leokc34
96. birthday - fairy By Leokc34
97. Sweet Escape By Mrsmiller *with twist*
98. Cowgirl Up By Njr007
99. Jack By Njr007
100. Family Fun By Njr007
101. Another world By AshleyLadd *with twist*
102. World's Best Teacher By Njr007
103. Happy Birthday By Njr007
104. MOM By Njr007
105. Happy Mother's Day By Njr007
106. Happy Mother's Day By Njr007
107. You Did It By Njr007
108. family By Melissadam*with twist*
109. opry at the ryman By Melissadam
110. Lovers Key By Tracy F
111. Bunco Banner By Renbear
112. Luck O' the Irish Sign By Renbear *with twist*
113. Shamrocks By Renbear *with twist*
114.-115. Big Sky Country - 2pgr By SonjaC
116. bunny By Melissadam
117. tevere By Melissadam
118. roaming in rome By Melissadam
119. pizza & pasta By Melissadam
120. Over the Moon By Anna C
121. Baby Boy Card By Anna C
122. It's a Boy By Anna C
123. christmas eve 1989 By Melissadam
124. A-CAW, March Ugly paper challenge and cricut challenge By Denielle.c.podraza
125. Front page By Dkscrapper
126. Page 2 & 3 By Dkscrapper
127. Page 4 & 5 By Dkscrapper
128. Page 6 & 7 By Dkscrapper
129. Page 8 & 9 By Dkscrapper
Last page By Dkscrapper
131. #1 Teacher magnet By Dkscrapper
132. cuba By Melissadam
133. bowling By Melissadam
134.-135. christmas tradition By Melissadam
136. a little late lucky By Leokc34 *with twist*
137. happy easter By Leokc34
138. dreaming of christmas By Melissadam
139. Wild About You By Njr007
140. Eskimo Kisses By Njr007
141, Mikayla By Lpeeps *with twist*
142.-143. Volleyball By Lpeeps
144.-145. Broncos 2011 By Lpeeps
146. bowling By Melissadam
147. Dallas Arboretum By Njr007
148. JROTC By Melissadam
tomb of Pope John Paul II By Melissadam
150. Picture Perfect By Leokc34
151. Rain By Borntoscrap
152. mel heels* By Tealbrand
153. yummy cake* By Tealbrand
154. it's your day* By Tealbrand *with twist*
155. Hawkeye wrestling party decor By Tinadn
156. Hawkeye wrestling party decor By Tinadn
157. /3575579/-1.html
158. borghese By Melissadam
159. monkey 'nana By Lamoo12
160. gator baseball By Vincarash
161. It Starts with Family By Njr007
162. Beautiful By Njr007
163.-164. happy graduation* By Tealbrand
165. Ariel and the Atlantic By Mrsmiller
166. hooray for national chip day By Melissadam *with twist*
167. merry christmas By Melissadam
168. Picture Perfect By Njr007
169. Elegant By ChansGram
170. These Boots are made for Walking By Njr007
171. christmas By Melissadam
172. cards By Tealbrand *with twist*
173. easter By Melissadam *with twist*
174. easter By Melissadam *with twist*
175. easter By Melissadam
176. Moments By NewSnow0518 *with twist*
177. St Patty's Day Card By NewSnow0518 *with twist*
178. Easter card By Tinadn
180. Peace Out By Njr007
181. the 60's By Njr007
182. 55 Years By Njr007
183. Chandelier Card Topper By Stopnstare07
184. Chandelier Card Topper By Stopnstare07
185. 3565149/-1.html
186. soccer By Melissadam
187. beware By Melissadam
188. March Uglies done By SnowDog*with twist*
189. ONE By Njr007
190. You Belong to Me By Njr007
191. Pose By Njr007
192. Summer Fun By Njr007
193. Happy Mother's Day By Njr007
194. Happy Mothers Day By Njr007
195. Happy Birthday By Njr007
196. Find JOY in the little things By Tinadn
197. My Sweet Girl Mayhem By SnowDog *with twist*
198. Ballpit & Fun,fun,fun By Borntoscrap *with twist*
199. Opening Presents & Cake By Borntoscrap *with twist*
200. 25th B-day (L) By Borntoscrap
201. 25th B-day (R) By Borntoscrap

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