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Life is so serious that this is where I come for escape! I do love it here!

NMLady - you brought up an excellent point. I buy so much I never use. I have never used my Twinkling H2O's. All of my micro glitter is in the jars. And it is totally unrealistic to think I could ever use all my patterned paper in one lifetime!

I also admire that Kory uses what he buys and tries new techniques and really enjoys the different things to experiment with.

That is something lacking in me and I need to be more adventurous with my supplies! Maybe I'm using all my stored up supplies vicariously through Kory!

Kory really has inspired me to scrapbook outside my man-made scrapbooking box I've created and test the limits a bit.

When I get through scrapping this last cruise I may play with my micro glitter and twinkling H2Os a bit.

Kory's energy and enthusiam is just infectious to me and I love it! I also love the input of our men here. Mister Mr. adds so much.

So many different personalities here but somehow they all blend to make this a really cool place.

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