Username Post: Monthly Scrapbooking/Cardmaking Social in Feeding Hills, MA.
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OMG....I'm so happy to hear from you. Thank you so so much for this info as I'm very lonely out in Feeding Hills. I know there's plenty of scrappers out here, but the only other store I go to is Life's Memories out in Palmer, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE that lil' store, but it's really far...almost 45 minutes to get there but now I know I have options. Are you on YouTube...I am....docella01030 is my channel and I love to scrapbook. I can't wait to check you out and I look forward to spending Wednesday and Saturdays with you all...again, thank you so much to your response as I didn't get any at all so I never ended up doing nothing...that's why I wondered if anyone out here did any papercrafting...thanks and I'm off to check out your online store! Until soon and God Bless....(((HUGS))) Laura:-)

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