Username Post: Choosing ONE manufacturer for 8 years of scrapbooks
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Help!! My childhood best friend has asked me to scrapbook 8 years' worth of photos for her. She has no photo albums whatsoever- just years of photos on the hard drive that she's never done anything with. She wants me to scrap the best pictures- no more than 5-6 pages per year. She wants the album to be VERY simple, no journaling, but attractive and timeless.

Needless to say, she knows absolutely nothing about scrapbooking. She wants me to make all the decisions for her, but I'm not comfortable with that. I'd like to give her limited choice instead- like, "Here are 2 albums. Pick one." That kind of thing.

For simplicity's sake and to create uniformity, I'm thinking that I'll work with ONE manufacturer for all the patterned paper. Otherwise I'm going to spend too much time going through every possible paper to pick the perfect one for each page. What manufacturer would you choose and why? Any other thoughts or tips???

Thank you!!!!

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