Username Post: Choosing ONE manufacturer for 8 years of scrapbooks
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I made one for my sister's son (my nephew obviously) for his graduation after she requested it. She is not a scrapper either and just doesn't enjoy doing that kind of thing. So, I was happy to make the album and do all the work myself.

But, she too, gave me a list of requirements that was vague. This makes perfect sense because she (and your friend) wasn't/isn't aware of her choices. I suggest too, like Kim 222 has, that you either show her choices (internet or better yet take her to a hobby store) and have her point out preferences (with your guidance and suggestions). For instance, you can explain the benefits of one type of album over another type. And since you understand at least some of the people and events that need to be scrapped (meaning children?, pets?, marriages etc etc) you can also guide her into good pp choices. During my whole process, I dragged my reluctant sister to a hobby store exactly once and discovered her preferences. She even went so far as to suggest a couple of products she definitely wanted incorporated. I do confess that I had to call and ask for some clarification on approaches and facts (I had to do some journaling) for various pages as they were being worked on. She loved the project when it was completed. Even my nephew (who never put in any input at all) raved over one particular page.

I also agree with Kim222 on the idea of using paper stacks to keep things simpler... once a few style choices have been narrowed down for you.

Good luck! It should be fun!

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