Username Post: Choosing ONE manufacturer for 8 years of scrapbooks
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Thanks for the input. I should have mentioned that we live several states apart, so we won't be getting together for shopping or photo selection or scrapping. We'll be on the phone together on Monday, both with up, and I'll have her type in a few things into the search box and see what she prefers.

She has said she doesn't care about any of the details. I know that sounds ridiculous (it does to me anyway), but she likes what I make, trusts my taste, and doesn't want anything to do with the process. She just wants to have some completed albums. I'm going to force her to choose between a few things because I really don't want all that responsibility, so I was hoping for some input from you all.

My initial thought is BG. I have a TON of their stuff that crosses all seasons/occasions, so it would be easy to make 8 years of stuff using their different lines. But perhaps it's a bit too distressed or busy for her. Any other suggestions?


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