Username Post: Choosing ONE manufacturer for 8 years of scrapbooks
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I would use Echo Park. The dots and stripes collections are very flexible and there are a few which are more specific. And their collections mix and match easily.

OK, adding Echo Park to my list!

I should mention .... my friend is 40, married, with a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. They live in Colorado and their family is super active and outdoorsy- so lots of skiing, hockey, hiking, and soccer pics, that sort of thing. They have dogs. They do big family vacations at least once a year, often twice. So basically, I need paper lines that cover boy/girl, nature, sports, holidays, vacations, and dogs. In other words, pretty much everything. And she only wants 5 or 6 pages a year to cover all that. Eek!!

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