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May-JULY Round of CMM new swap:

I am doing the Card Making Mama swap again, but this time if will be different. We will have a set amount of ladies sign up, but I think we will make cards for each person, send them to me and I will swap them out like a regular swap. That way if you don't send yours in, you don't get any and no one is shorted. Because those that don't send, the maker gets the set back as EXTRA.

Does this sound fair to you ladies that stayed throughout the swap? I will do it several times this year, we can have the same ladies rejoin or new ones added. I will give us like 2 and half months to work on all those cards they will be due to me middle JULY and swapped out within a week. Then the next round will start for another set of 10-12 or the same 10-12 ladies, they can switch the type cards they would like to receive too.

So here is the break down of it: May-July
1. 11 ladies I hope( do not make cards for yourself, unless you want to, but do not send them to me, if you make ones for

2. make 5 cards for each of the 10 ladies(don't include ones for yourself): all different and ones that are from their mini survey

3. Goodie bag for each of the 10 ladies, or 10 $1 NIP scrapbooking items.

4. You will have approx. 3 month's to make the total of 50(will put total in when we know how many) cards. Mail them to me, I will swap them out in a weeks time. Mail them back to you.

5. Include the same amount of postage or cash (no metered postage) plus 3 xtra stamps, and DC. We don't want our precious cards getting lost and losing all that stuff.

6. If for any reason someone doesn't mail their stuff in to me, you ladies get back the extra set of cards. This way you get 50 cards back no matter what. And you get 10 goodie bags back.

7. No one gets cheated out of cards and we get through the rounds faster too.

8. NEW RULE because I failed to put it on here and I forgot so sorry ladies. But all cards should have envelopes with them. This is a card and envies swap.

DUE DATE: July 14th, 2012. Saturday. Due by this date, will wait three days after and then swap them out.

Sending survey out to the ladies this round, please get the surveys back to me by Friday, so I can compile them and send them all to you via pm, so you know what colors and types cards the ladies like.

My mailing address is: (my last names is spelled correctly, I am not Robinson, or Robertson...LOL) Tonya Roberson
4358 Westport Road
Columbus, Ohio 43228

List of Participants:

TJCraftyWitch_almost done
TJCraftyWitch's Mom- done
SanuraScraps-Dropped out due to financial.and family matters.
Prackrat-REVD return postage coming later
Lookin4newideas-postal or drop off friday
Armygirl- RCVD
cma2a17- getting ready to go postal
Ms. Pebbles-RCVD


1. Favorite colors you like to use on cards or favorite colors in general:

2. Colors you dislike and would hate to see on your cards:

3. List what type of cards you like to receive:
List as many as you want so we have a variety to choose from.

4. List embellishments that you like:

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